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How does our interview process work? 

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Springfield Prep Hiring Process

At Springfield Prep, this is what you will find:

  1. A high-capacity, values-driven team. Our rigorous selection process ensures that you will work with the best, brightest, and most committed teachers and leaders from across the country.

  2. Professional development to help you grow. We put a premium on high quality training and support, which includes a three-week summer training program, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, and weekly workshops focused on curriculum design, instructional delivery, and data-driven instruction.

  3. Sustainability. Our school model incorporates design elements intended to help make this challenging work sustainable: (1) A two-teacher model, (2) a full operations team to support instructional staff, (3) comprehensive curriculum support to help teachers deliver top-notch lessons every day without reinventing the wheel, and (4) flexible career pathways to ensure that members of our team are able to grow with us.

  4. Growth Opportunities. Because we will be growing each year, there will be frequent opportunities for professional growth in all areas of instruction, operations, and finance.

  5. Competitive salaries and benefits and a great work environment. We offer comprehensive compensation packages, including health, vision, and dental insurance, and the kind of well-equipped, professional workspace that great teachers deserve.

Please contact our hiring team at with any questions.  

As an equal opportunity employer, Springfield Prep hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.