Family Spotlight: The Suliveres Family

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“Springfield Prep has changed our lives - it’s helping me raise my kids.” 


We first got to know Kerriann Suliveres three years ago when she enrolled her son Alex as a kindergartner.  You could tell right away that she had big aspirations for her sons - she was always helping them do their best and made it clear to them that excellence in school was her priority.  

As Alex grew with us, we got to know his little brother Jerry and were thrilled when he joined us as a kindergartner this year.  True to form, Kerri Ann had Jerry practicing his sight words all summer and he was ready to go when school started.  

We've always appreciated Kerriann's openness with us: she's kind enough to frequently tell us how much the school has meant to her boys, but she also shares ideas for how we can improve the school.  We were eager to hear more about life as a Springfield Prep parent and learn about her, and her sons', experience as members of the Springfield Prep family.

What made you choose Springfield Prep?  There are a lot of reasons. The learning system is much more advanced. I have a lot of peace of mind.  I know I can drop my children off and they are cared for every day. I don’t have support at home, and the discipline here has really helped me because the school really does their part.  My kids are much more respectful and responsible now. Springfield Prep has changed our lives - it’s helping me raise my kids. 

What impact has Springfield Prep had on your kids?  Once Alex started here, 3 months later, he was reading to me.  And now Jerry is reading full books, too.  He pronounces words amazingly.  He was not reading at all before he came here, now he is coming in at the top of his class with his heart words and reading words. I can’t believe how much he knows!

We know that we have very high expectations for our students.  Is that ever a challenge for you or your sons?  No, I may have wondered about it at some point but now I know what my kids are capable of.  It never feels like too much pressure, just that the expectations are high, which is good!  For Alex, I was worried about him liking math, and then "bam!" I saw how much he could do - he was like a math wizard.  For Jerry, I wondered if he would struggle with reading, which came really naturally to Alex, but now he's doing an amazing job and reading so much.

What is your favorite thing about Springfield Prep?  The people.  They make me feel comfortable, and offer help when I need it.  A teacher gave him a ride home once and when I couldn't drop my kids off, the school called an Uber.  The school is super helpful.  I love you guys!

For parents who are thinking about enrolling their children at Springfield Prep, what would you want them to know?  I'd want them to know that they work individually with our children, that they make sure everyone gets lots of attention, that they're really structured, and that the work is more advanced than at some other schools... and that it's free!  

What makes Alex and Jerry's teachers so good?  (We are biased, but we think we have some of the best teachers around.)  Oh my god, there are so many things!  They're understanding, they're trustworthy, they're open to any conversation.  They're lovable, they're sweet, they're kind, they're tough when they have to be tough, in a proper manner.  They're such great teachers, I don't even know how to explain it.   Where do you find them??