Student Spotlight: Jaeda, Third Grader Expert

"Springfield Prep has the best teachers in the world"


We sat down recently with Jaeda, a third grader who started Springfield Prep as a "founding" first grader three years ago.  Jaeda brings a big smile and a positive outlook to school everyday, and is an amazing teammate to her friends.  You'll see Jaeda's picture on our Scholar of the Week board and might find her sitting at her class's "VIP" table, reserved for scholars who embody the school's core values. 

We wanted to learn more about what makes life special as a Springfield Prep scholar and here's what she shared with us.  And even though she may not be famous at this point (see her comment below), we're confident that it's only a matter of time!

What makes Springfield Prep a great place to go to school?  First, that’s a really easy question! Springfield Prep has the best teachers in the world, lots of learning time, and I always get a lot of exercise which helps me focus.  Also, people here are very friendly - everyone is friends with each other and people don't get picked on.  I also like the books we get to read.  For example, I just read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it helped me understand the story much more than the movie did.  The book makes the story come to life in your head.

What’s the best thing about your teachers?  That’s a really hard question... there’s too much to say! Ms. Mac teaches us science, and she always makes it fun. Ms. McGregor is always helping us do our best, and they both make homework fun.  We get to do lots of reading, and I love reading.

What’s your favorite subject?  I really like science and math.

A lot of kids say "I don't like math."  Why do you think you feel differently?   Oh my goodness - who says that?!?  I feel differently because the better you are at math, the easier it is to do more challenging problems.  And I like science because we get to learn about animals and we get to do experiments, which is really fun. 

Where do you want to go to college?  NYU!  

Why?  Mostly because I like Bobcats.  I like their mascot! 

Are there other colleges that you've thought about?  Well, maybe Westfield - it depends on its mascot.

How do you learn about colleges?  Mostly from this school.  We get to visit colleges,  Last year we went to Westfield State.  I really liked it - it was huge.  

What do you want to be when you grow up?   I’m still working on that, but maybe a teacher or a doctor.  Doctors can help kids feel better if they're sick.  And teachers get to help kids learn.  

Anything else you want to share?  Does this interview mean I'm famous?