Our Promise to Families

1. College Preparation for All.  

We believe that every child is college material.  Your child will learn about college, visit colleges, and learn from a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum to ensure that they are ready to compete at the highest level.

2. A Small School with a Safe and Structured Environment. 

Our school size and model ensures that teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning.  With just over 50 students per grade and an organized, structured environment, your child, regardless of his or her language or special education needs, will feel always feel safe and supported.

3. Great Teaching.  

Research proves what we all know: even just one great teacher can have a tremendous impact on a student’s life.  Imagine, then, the power of a whole school of great teachers, all working together, towards a common goal.  At Springfield Prep, we use proven instructional methods, frequent coaching, and close analysis of student data to drive instruction to make sure your child is growing academically.

4. Communication and Accountability.    

Results matter.  We provide daily updates about your child’s progress, notify you every month about curriculum highlights, and provide reports on student achievement data every six weeks.  Our school doors are always open – for a meeting with your child’s teacher, a conversation with the Principal, or a classroom observation.