Who We Serve—Student Demographic

We are a Springfield school that serves primarily Springfield students. Our student demographic mirrors that of the Springfield Public Schools, our sending district.  The school is free, public, and open to all students who submit a simple one-page application. Students are selected by random lottery.

Ethnicity breakdown compared to the district.


Economic, language and special education breakdown compared to the district.


Family Satisfaction

Every year, Springfield Prep conducts a Family Satisfaction Survey to gather input from our families.  The 2018 Family Satisfaction Survey, completed by 76% of families, shows that families feel a strong connection to the school and are very satisfied with the education their children are receiving.  

Feedback from families


Students Stay with the School

Families stay at Springfield Prep.  Attrition (the rate of students who leave from one year to the next) is lower than the state average and the sending district rate.


Attrition rate compared to the district and state.