Instructional Resources

Our school has learned so much from other educators and in the spirit of collaboration, we want to keep the sharing going.  Below is a selection of instructional resources we've developed to help support our scholars.  Please contact Wendy Soref, our Director of Academics, at with any questions or if you would like more information about how we use these resources. 

Intellectual Preparation for Instruction

Here, and in many schools, teachers are collaborating across teams to develop curriculum and using existing high quality curriculum resources as a foundation for instruction.  This has so many benefits, but it can be hard to truly "own" the lesson if you didn't write it.  Our Intellectual Preparation Protocol gives teachers the opportunity to create, revise, and internalize high-quality lessons before delivering them in order to ensure that all students are getting excellent instruction tailored to their needs.

Unit Unpacking

To ensure high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum and instruction, curriculum "owners" (those who plan the lesson) are responsible for unpacking units and sharing out the information about the lessons with their grade level team.  The resources below are examples of how we unpack units in different content areas.

Unit Reflection

To help us improving our curriculum over time and make sure it's responsive to our students' needs, we use a Unit Reflection process at the end of each trimester.  Teachers collaboratively review lessons and add notes and suggestions based on their experience teaching the unit and how students actually performed.  This helps them provide even better instruction the next time they teach the unit.