2018 MCAS results

Springfield Prep students and teachers are off to a great start. On the 2018 MCAS, our first year of state testing, Springfield Prep scholars shined bright, leading in a state that leads the nation in educational performance. 

Our scholars are many things - readers, artists, athletes, mathematicians, dancers, and musicians - and cannot be easily defined by any one test. But the MCAS, a challenging test which assesses the ability to do rigorous math, read complex texts, and communicate through writing, is an important benchmark. It helps us answer these questions: Are our students well prepared academically? And: Are we doing all we can to help support them?

We couldn’t be more proud of our students and we’re excited for the opportunities academic successes like these create.


Students outperformed their peers in a many affluent, high-performing districts across the state, closing economic achievement gaps.

Math results w comps.PNG
ELA results w comps.PNG

Among districts with a high rate of economically disadvantaged students, Springfield Prep’s performance makes it an outlier.

Scatter plot math.PNG
Scatter ploto ELA.PNG

Historically underserved student groups excelled, significantly outperforming state averages.

Black and Latino scholars at Springfield Prep passed the MCAS at more than double the rate of their statewide peers in both ELA and Math.

High Needs and Economically Disadvantaged students at the school topped their statewide peers by more than 25 points in both ELA and Math.

Subgroup results math.PNG
Subgroup results ELA.PNG